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CALL EDISON TODAY 800-810-2369 TO GET ON DELAY LIST! Tell them ANALOG METER ONLY!!! PG@E customers call 877-743-7378, SDG@E call 800-411-7344

Wireless smart meters are being installed on your home/business, without your permission. Your health, safety and privacy depend on getting informed about


As of 5/11, the WHO/IARC has now ruled electromagnetic fields from non-ionizing radiation, a Class 2 B CARCINOGEN, which means possibly causes cancer in humans. It joins a prestigious list of other class 2 B CARCINOGENS including but not limited to: lead, dioxin, chloroform, HIV and ethylbenzene.

These dangerous wireless radiation emitting devices are being forced on the public. Paid for in part by our tax dollars through a 3.6 billion dollar federal stimulus grant, people report headache, heart arrhythmia, dizziness, nausea, memory loss, muscle spasms, insomnia, and other physical ailments upon having a wireless meter installed. The following health effects have been documented in studies on EMF: DNA breaks, cancer, endocrine disruption, birth defects, sterility, heart arrhythmia, learning impairment, ADD/ADHD, headache, fatigue and sleep disturbance. Children, pregnant women, seniors, people with immune deficiencies and people with medical implants are especially at risk.

The smart meter roll out is involuntary, put right on your property and operate in mesh networks, transmitting intense bursts of radiofrequency signals back and forth among homes and businesses collecting and transmitting data about our electricity usage, creating enormous amounts of EMF in an already saturated EMF environment. Customers report fires, overbilling, interference with WIFI, security systems, pacemakers and other medical devices. You will be lied to if you inquire about them …The utilities company will say it’s only transmits 45 seconds a day but what they won’t tell you is those 45 seconds are divided up into thousands of nano like pulses throughout the day, nor about the “chatter “ of the meters sending signals back and forth to each other which they do not include in their calculations and amounts to a great deal of pulsed radiation exposure. The utilities companies are also not informing you of the very serious health effects associated with these devices before installation. Other states, cities and towns have rejected smart meter installation for a variety of reasons, including health and safety concerns, skyrocketing electric bills, problems with privacy/hacking, electrical fires and electronic interference with other wireless equipment and medical devices. 47 cities and counties in CA have criminalized installation, banned smart meters, etc. You do not live in one of those counties or cities.

As an “opt-out” some utilities have proposed a “powered-down” smart meter. This is not an opt-out, since there’s still a wireless smart meter on your home and will have virtually the same harmful effects. If too many people opt out, the utilities have vowed to put a repeater in your neighborhood (it could even be on a utility pole right outside your window), which boosts the signal and emits even more intense radiofrequency radiation! So NO REPEATERS! The utilities companies are proposing to charge people if they consider allowing opt outs. This is tantamount to blackmail. We should not have to pay one penny to keep their carcinogenic meters out of our lives off our property!

Lock up your analog meter!!! The utilities are playing dirty to get their stimulus money which they will not get if they do not complete their roll out.

For more info email, contact@thepeoplesinitiative.org or call us at (310) 281-9639 Sign our online petition at www.thepeoplesinitiative.org to BAN wireless smart meters and offer immediate opt outs for those who already have them!!


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