Who we are…

We are just normal everyday citizens who do not want a Class 2 B Carcinogen forced upon us, do not want our privacy invaded and believe in freedom choice. With one in 2 men getting cancer in the US and 1 in 3 women, we feel it unconscionable for the federal government to have funded the roll out of a “smart meters” a Class 2 B Carcinogen and are supporting this carcinogenic and genotoxic “smart grid” infrastructure. This roll out is a cash cow for executives and is actually a job KILLER for utility workers!!! In this hostile work environment, how could the federal government put our tax dollars to such a job killing bill that will simultaneously make people sick not to mention invade our privacy? “Smart meters” are more than just a dumb idea, it is a dangerous one as well.

AmericanAssociationForSmartMeterSafety is committed to helping educate on the very real health and safety issues and issues of privacy regarding “smart meters” and “smart grid”. We are dedicated to helping people get rid of their smart meters and the smart gird and helping to keep America and the rest of the world cancer free and our privacy and democracy in tact.

Our sister group AmercianAssociatonForCellPoneSafety.org wrote the worlds first cell phone/brain cancer warning label bills and had the first cell phone/warning label bill in the world introduced putting “non thermal” effects on the table and in the public dialogue. Non thermal effects lie at the heart of the problem with smart meters. The FCC safety standards and guidelines protect us against heat or “thermal” effects from cell phones and other wireless radiation emitting devices, such as smart meters. In other words, we are all protected from baking like a potato from this radiation. There are currently NO protections in place for ANY non thermal effects which have been now officially known to cause cancer per the WHO/IARC statement as of May 31,2011. Smart meters however, also cause heart arrhythmia, sever headache, nausea, birth defects and sterility.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.